love`s agony

Love`s Agony


You are the long evenings, the deepest night.

Sweet dreams you are not, in your embrace I`m not reborn

the future is bleak.

I know well a night spent with you gives birth

to bitter regrets.


I promise not to seek you won`t help,

I love you more than life itself.

The blue hour casts long shadow and I can`t

resist its alluring echo.


Our lair is feathers of tenderness,

but thorns of demanding ferocity.


A pact we made in a church, which reeked

of bunt wicks, desiccated roses and the redolence of death.

The name of our love is…Agony, we can`t

put stop clawing each other asunder

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Colin Hill

Tue 7th Nov 2017 08:51

Jan, your poetry covers such a wide range of subjects which doesn't always please every reader all of the time but you are without doubt one of the finest exponents of the use of imagery that I have come across here on WoL. And you always acknowledge my comments in private for which I am also very grateful.

btw - last line of verse one I read as 'bitter egrets' - now there's an image!


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suki spangles

Mon 6th Nov 2017 17:06

Hi Jan,

A love lyric very rooted and informed by the very real and messy world we are in. Great poem. Thanks.


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