tomorrows future

Tomorrow`s future


Christianity appears tepid I usually do not think about its

lack of centre as I dislike all religions they are fairy tales

that demands to be taken seriously.

Christianity can seem innocent enough, a bewildered vicar

and nice ladies bringing a flower to decorate the altar, till

we remember Bush and Blair; they invaded Iraq, not for

 oil alone, but to prove their God was bigger than Allah.


The Christians have for hundreds of years fought in every

Corner of the world and foisted their brutal religion upon the innocent even

up to this day. The occupiers of Palestine belongs to the western conquering

culture and they – Israel- will be the biggest losers when the weakness

of our shallow culture is exposed and millions of Europeans

will flock to Islam that demands thrift, morality, and honesty.

Our culture is rotten; only Islam can save our soul.



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