Proxy World

I hide within words unspoken
Afraid of the world outside
The shadows and noisy commotions
The hubbub and all of its lies


I never intended to be this way
And I never was a long time before
The rules of engagement were altered
Like graffiti sprayed on our walls


I used to say what I wanted
Used to say it out loud and be proud
But now my views all lie silent
Hushed with leaves on the ground


For some my words were mistaken
From others false accusations flew
It seems there’s no room for tolerance
I’m tired of bad language and feuds


I’m sorry if this seems ungrateful
There are many who don’t have a voice
Perhaps it’s their turn to take over
I don’t know what’s left to be said


words ©Colin Hill 2017

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Colin Hill

Thu 9th Nov 2017 20:42

thank you Fred. Hoping to catch up with everyone's poems in the morning but for now I have some TV to catch up with. C😃L

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Fred Varden

Wed 8th Nov 2017 23:26

Brilliant poem with much for me to relate to. Too many things now where people just think or say ‘so what’. Cheers Colin

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Colin Hill

Tue 7th Nov 2017 08:05

we are all probably guilty of everything to one degree or another Graham. Best not to overthink too much. Now that's easier said than done!

thanks for dropping by. thanks also to Adam, Des and Charlotte for your Likes.

Cheers, Col.

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 5th Nov 2017 09:32

There is a school of thought that says that "the more you consider words, the more you change their meaning".

I wonder whether we're all guilty?

Have a peaceful Sunday Colin.

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Colin Hill

Sun 5th Nov 2017 08:17

Good morning David, Suki, Keith and Kevin and many thanks for your comments and Likes. I hope you all have a very pleasant and peaceful Sunday 😃. Cheers, Col.

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keith jeffries

Sat 4th Nov 2017 21:37

Colin, these words are ringing in my ears. They have struck a chord with me which is close to my inner self. Thank you again. Keith

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keith jeffries

Sat 4th Nov 2017 17:04

Colin, these words speak for me as I approach the age 0f seventy years. Well said. A thoughtfully and sincerely produced poem spoken from the heart. Thank you indeed. Keith

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suki spangles

Sat 4th Nov 2017 15:37

Hi Col,

Your charcter here captures the essence of how many people feel, whether it's negotiating the Interweb, or face-to-face; at school, work or in the home..

Shrill and intolerant voices seem to rule, often shouting down anyone else. That's more than a shame, it's worrying.


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David Taylor-Jones

Sat 4th Nov 2017 14:49

It's good to hear your voice again Colin

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