Desert Sands

The sandstone ceases to erode in spite of her heavenly fares,

No matter the trials she shares or child she bears, she is one who definitely cares,


She is my sunshine that huddles the planet into dusk,

Her womb housed the child I made as her heart crumbles the granite into dust,


I piece together this Eden without the rain and shore bliss,

I don’t intend this to sound like the million love poems that came before this,


Insecurities plight of ignorance but I don’t get her mad to tough through,

But I do intend to be the man that you never had to love you,


In the night I have a blister that would never dream of day,

Just like I seem to have this picture that could never seem to stay-


I plow through sifting memories as if sowing rows from the trouble,

The desert sands chip away memories as we continue growing old as a couple,


But I confronted my jealousy on Earth, then hid the weather for courtesy,

Allow me to be the man who can make your words fit together so perfectly,


And you are the woman who can mediate the seduction of birds implied,

On the pawn’s table you’re my blonde angel that would appreciate the construction of words that rhymed,


One existence cannot fathom the lonely faith in its better lands,

But I can make my angel happy before her smile slowly fades with the desert sands,


Because in the end I’ll roll you in the barn together and the sweaters let you grow,

I swear to any higher presence that I wish I could hold you in my arms forever and never let you go,


But on a promise lies the truth, and on a letter rests its seams,

Some things are better left unsaid, but some things are better left as dreams,


And still I pray this poem becomes your flight plan with holy luck,

Because you always have been and always will be my right hand and only crutch,


Excitement enterprising itself becomes boldly provoked in the brew,

If I’m a dying soul then I am solely devoted to you,

Excuse the comparison like if I had coldly demoted the view,


I know that some brick walls are built to last, while others are built to crumble,

Some men are made of granite and heart, while others have silt to scuttle-


My manic ministry upholds no position of deacon to deceive sin,

Allow me to be your man forever- and my words to be your beacon to believe in,


So if for any reason you are doubting the road ahead-

Then you can revert to this poem and say I said to start shouting to boast instead,


Biting lips to brag is out of the question for this hiding heart when something’s up,

Just remember beautiful lady; you became my shining star when nothing was,


If a hundred covets the convent, then I know that zero ignites war,

Baby girl you are the legend I look up to and a hero to fight for,


Align these riddled lines like a heathen of married bonds,

Your love and personality became my own reason to carry on,


And now with this child together, we have the life of your blood,

Soldiers can fight for their country, but I’d fight for your love,


No clause brings a presence while Rudy hits the trees with the duties ripened,

I attempt to reanimate this cracking sand because the Beauty kissed the Beast but the Beauty liked it.

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Jane Briganti

Tue 7th Aug 2018 15:17

Your word choices are captivating. I love the way you seem to connect your lines without there being an actual connection. They're like a bunch of tributaries all running into one final river. A really wonderful read!

Thanks, Jane😊

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