Cosmopolitan brightness

My love viscious caught a small cute.

Together love thought it was dead but then

it came back to life but it was in a lot of pain.

Happy alone loud meaning "I need to put it out

of it's misery". So I have hold sharp heavy and 

harsh - quick on its head. Put it out of it's

misery. Then I was in a space square with 

loads of different types of together different. 

We were looking out over cosmopolitan 

brightness. Alone grounded in a circle and all 

circle was dressed eclectic. Woman feminine 

dressed like hair light. Another man control

like talented music. And another gregarious

special. All circle was festering passion about 

who was better but I liked them all. I felt really 

full of love and was a gift warm to everyone on 

different aspects of themselves. Hair light's 

jewellery shiny gregarious special colourful 

beautiful individual. Then I was with old 

incharge knowledge walking down the 

highstreet in home seaside. He was saying

boss how much I'd grown. 

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