Creation And Seasons (Poem)



They come and go.


Like a withering Hand,


And a beautiful pearl.


A beautiful day, 


Along with the raging storm,


It always comes back,


To a beautiful day. 


The storm rushes in, 


With little no signals.


We hide in the safe harbour, 


As fast as we can,


Where peace and safety,


Is in our reach.


It has always been, 


We simply lost the key.


Others remain,


In the storm, 


Uncovering the mysteries, 


Deep within.


Some relinquish, some persevere, 


In the world of no certainty, 


Of reality and dream.


We chug along,


The unknown path, 


Trying our best, 


To not hold back.


Reality uncovering, 


In every fashion,


Steering you, in every direction, 


We think, is there an end,


So we create this reality, 


Not knowingly and forget.


Are we just taught this way, 


To accept reality, 


Its only prophecy and world disarray.


So many choices,


Along the path,


So why not choose God,


And let him steer the raft. 


We are ambassadors, 


In this created reality,


We create it as we want,


And then let our mind conceive it,


As it leaps in.


Let’s create ourselves anew,


In this illusionary realm, 


With a peaceful world and a happy dream.









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