Math vs. History


The world's in a vice as the ghetto's psycho riders hold the zone,

  Preventive measures are taken to reduce microbial offspring with methylisothiazolinone,

So the rich die rich as their plan failed when civility is quelled,

Let's hope your talent of control is greater than Dan Quayle's ability to spell,

  I hate a fascist bitch, and I'm too sick of these serums that span the globe's stool bin,

Inventing classical originality with ubiquitous theorems like Stanisław Ulam,

I would never house troops the higher the fees,

How fair is it to hate me when Klaus Fuchs retired in peace?

Read this correctly since your president is quick to gung-and-ho the armies,

Laser ships equip the Navy as the enemies are sunken low to sardines,

 Communists or not, dumb shits occupy the government like a drunken Joe McCarthy,

Sex scandals are numerous even if vixens could have trim this endowed,

  I am speaking the truth to the treasonous bitches that should've been disemboweled,

Those that support Vietnam when an honored heart grows up to stop the pain,

Sniper bullet either way, and to still watch the car blow up a block away,

So say an evil man dies, then we have the burial postponed for this culero,

They would swoop in to violently confiscate the lands like Ariel Sharon of Israel,

If they say a protest is wrong in the city, then I say a valiant riot bled dust,

English borrowed from the British doesn't contain as many rhymes as Italian dialect does?

Break the fourth wall, and forevermore love panic from pure blow that infects the nation,

Yes I know evil existed in man before "Federal" was added to the Bureau of Investigation,

Stand up and see if your partner offered a paradigm through lenses,

They'll never study my poetry because I know Harvard sponsored American eugenics,

Calling me a liar is a quick way to get me to lay rhymes on the asphalt,

So add it up and read a history book before you say I'm the asshole.

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