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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 31st Oct 2017 07:25

"QUOTE" directly lifted including spelling mistakes.

Paddy got citation, Kenny BEM, Brit Ambassador was about to leave after meeting US Amb Cars were called ready, when bomber struck, many Visa applicants blown away internal walls fell on US Ambasssdor, Brit Ambassador refused to leave with BG until US Amb was safe. US BG suffered sever cuts and was imobilised, BG Graham Irvin called assistance which is where Paddy went in and together freed the US Ambassador and then carried him down the stairs, Brit Ambassador was aided by Graham Irive his BG. due to the mess the US security teams were in, K Rodgers stopped traffic and took control of a car which he and Paddy Mc used to transport both Ambassadors to the hospital. Oce there they used the help of the local Malitia to secure the wards whilst treatment was given to Both Ambassadors. In the mean time the rest of the team were left with no vehicles all wiped out due to the pressue of the blast, eardrums were burst and yet they all stayed in posts. Unfortunately a few plus Kenny had to be RTU'd back to the UK due their burst eardrums etc. I brought in a Team from Cyprus to fill the spaces. Good tour, haven't mentioned the RPG to the Embassy another story.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 31st Oct 2017 01:42

Paddy McMicheal on the right.

This picture was taken shortly after Paddy had pulled the US Ambassador from the carnage of the US Embassy bombing in Beirut in 1983. I love the fact he has a cigarette burning in his left hand.

Paddy and the UK CP team of the British Ambassador in Beirut were visiting the US Embassy at the time of the attack, it is not widely known that a member of that team engaged the driver of the truck bomb killing him prior to the it crashing the gates, had he not been taken out the carnage would have been even worse, the US marine guard didn't even get a round off, Semper Fi my fucking arse!

Paddy entered the building and retrieved the UK Ambassador, also carrying the US Ambassador out on his shoulders and getting him to immediate safety with the UK CP team, this story is not widely known beyond military circles as the US were sensitive about their Ambo being rescued by a Brit.

Paddy received a citation from Ronnie Reagan at the time but nothing else in public. He retired to the quiet life in the UK and became a driving instructor.

A tuff Soldier Ulsterman and true gentleman, and steely eyed killer. Paddy inspired me to follow in his footsteps, eventually ending up in Lebanon myself.


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