Gullible as ever the Sandman is speaking the verse as the revenant suffers,

Left in dreams like when wondering which of us is leaving this Earth before a significant other,

Shallow shores are raked for pearls especially ambrosia where a sandglass leaks,

It just feels like I have insomnia when I cannot sleep,

Bad thoughts cross the line when they should stay in their turf if then sequestered,

Looking at my beautiful wife and questioning how many days on this Earth I have left with her.




This is no negotiation, so pay me gentlemen for I’ve just elected to master the cock walk,

Exploiting hypocrisy like Israeli settlements erected in a captured hotspot,

I could give a fuck and a half what they think with cognac poured in the glasses,

Unfortunately the boards get stained with an insomniac floored on a mattress,

Knowing what’s at stake and keep salting the butter just to toss it once you’ve tasted it,

I used to think that having another child after loss was like replacing it.




No matter the welfare given to the people, it measures pale to everything the government has gained,

Like a parent that’s outlived its usefulness I can’t understand the pain,

Sarcasm aside, sure revolutionary fools honor thousands when they’re dead to rights,

Remaining in place despite the risks like an elementary school’s water fountains with leaded pipes,

Caring only for loved ones, and not the rest so they can fuck off or deliver the mail,

Common sense should be rewarded, instead wondering which corrosive sludge caused the liver to fail.




I witnessed immense strength while pacing the birth that was calendared,

Even though it was honestly a bad week,

Still debating how many days on this Earth I have left with her,

Feeling like when those that have insomnia just can’t sleep,

Welcomed close, but a bitter goodbye is so final and vindictive as stress or fear,

Dragons are extinct yet a wyvern should fly for survival and instinct not to impress its peers.

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Tina Glover

Thu 30th Nov 2017 01:35

Wow what an amazing piece you have written about that evil demon insomnia and it's deep, smoothly reading as well and I enjoyed it ☺️☺️

Thank you for sharing it!

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