Swiftly in the breeze,
Greatest tides crash,
Children playing softly in the sand.

Geese flock in arrows and the sky so warm,
I witness the power of sanity,
Yet I recoil from it in unforgettable agony.

The truth is that in this world,
You become what you are,
And you die that way.


I must disagree,
For even if the great moon shining in the sky collapses into the ocean below, the stars remain,
Brighter now.

Windows are stricken with wondrous colours,
Displaying ideas of the children,
Women gasp at the shaded red and blue,
But they can’t know you.

Orange, red, and white.
Fallen they glide with the vibrations in the air,
Forgotten once again.

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adrian metcalf

Sun 29th Oct 2017 22:26

Yeah, I was also very fond of that line when I wrote the poem. It paints an image in my mind of that one painting "A sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte". but it feels a bit broken (which is intended).

Anyways, thank you for your kind words Martin, it really does mean a lot.

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Martin Elder

Sun 29th Oct 2017 14:28

I love the line
Geese flock in arrows and the sky so warm.
another great poem. I always look forward to reading your work when I get the opportunity
Nice one

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