Pulled Myself Together And Claimed (Poem)

When I lay in bed,


Remembering the nights I spent in dread.


I realize it was not long ago,


That I felt so sad and low.


I so wanted an escape,


To solve all my problems and my rage,


Prayed for help from up above,


Said help me now if you're a source of love.


Confusion swept away,


When nothing happened I burst away.


I kept treading on the path,


Trying my best when I was sad.


I kept a happy face, 


When all I did all day was pace.


And speak to God, is this worth it,


If in the end I’m sad and lose it.


Then the day finally came,


I pulled myself together and claimed,


The fear and dread isn’t here to stay,


As I thank God for the coming day.


Changed my beliefs and spoke the truth,


Spoke it into being while feeling aloof.


Although at first I didn’t believe it,


Spoke it so much that now I feel it.


Thanked God from up above,


Said thank you for being a source of love.


That day I finally meant it,


As before I was broken and loathed it.


Stay positive and don’t waiver,


Stand boldly, praise, don’t reconsider.


Know you have control,


As you seek expansion of the soul.


And know this day won’t come,


If you relinquish before it’s done.










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