a cacophony interrupts

inanimates of the wild

hold history inside


their dumbnesses

temporarily bewilder

and frustrate 


their differences 

beautify and amaze.


Wind wrestling grass and tree's

scribble on the air with pointless meanings


varicosities of streams

have time tongues

able to smoothly grind rocks into grains.



Ravens puncture the silence

with tenebrous soul glooming antiphons. 

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in his silence ►


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suki spangles

Tue 31st Oct 2017 04:26

Hi Rose,

Hope you are keeping well.

Last line is a humdinger. I especially like:

Wind wrestling grass and tree's
scribble on the air with pointless meanings..

Thanks for sharing.


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Rose Casserley

Mon 30th Oct 2017 17:16

now you come to mention it Leon it might have been better had I tried to 'darken' it more perhaps?

ta nevertheless squire

Rose 💋

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Sat 28th Oct 2017 11:09

much likeable hints of gothicism about this piece methinks

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Rose Casserley

Fri 27th Oct 2017 00:06

cheers guys.

My Theasarus must share the credit Ray...😀

Rose 💋

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Wed 25th Oct 2017 21:53

Damned fine ideas here Rose. I love the last two verses especially, as they bring a classical depth to the idea. Tenebrous is wonderful. Varicosities is pretty unique too!


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Jemima Jones

Wed 25th Oct 2017 16:52

quite a sombre piece Rose.Loved it nevertheless.Thank you.Jemima.

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