old grumpy man Lester / the nowhere poems


For 35 years 

he would

man his little 

starters golf shop

and each time

my sons and I 

would dread

seeing him

there .


but we golfed 

and he complained

about life

his wife

his dog

his general lot

in life.


and he 

took no responsibility

with any

of it, 


He woke up

that morning

and said

to his wife 

that Tom Petty

had died,

and how

sad he was

but the

salvation of

the matter was

that that is

exactly how

he wanted to

die someday.



it was odd for

him to wake up

at 7:30 that morning,

his wife said

he would always 

wake at 8:30.


but she figured it

was nice to

have him up

an hour earlier 

so they could talk

and piddle around 

the house.


the day

was last

Thursday, Oct. fourth

the day Tom Petty



and two hours 

later at 10:30

in the morning

that grumpy 

old man Lester

died  too.


and it

was quick

like a rattlesnake

just jumped

up and

bite him 

in the heart.


He died 



but in some way

all of us

are somehow 

the lesser 

for it.


but I also

know inside

that God 

won't handle 

him much

better ..


my bet is

he sends

that grumpy

old man back,

🌷 (3)

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 20th Oct 2017 23:46

"Don't do me like that"


Tom Petty filled my teenage years with JOY!


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 13th Oct 2017 12:44

Hilarious! What a delight to find this before signing off.

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Hannah Collins

Thu 12th Oct 2017 19:04

An amazing poem.


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