I see

I see a crescent shape besides the road,
Where the luminescence of your body makes for a show,
From the cinema.

Great expanses of falling leaves offers guidance,
But little tranquility,
Your silhouette proving but lengthy in my memory.

I was once told to find arches in the waves,
To witness flames creeping from the sands of tomorrow,
Greatness does not reach out and grab small men.

But you took hold of me,
Although blissless and without knowledge,
You gave me the power of the wind.

I must learn and control that which destroys flowers,
Which feeds forest fires,
Which creates the very waves on which I rock.

I forgot the meaning,
Of you,

Great shadows of green streak my iris,
Blue the forks melt in my hands,
Expansive beads of lime and lemon run from my sore lips


as a child

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