the final fuck off?



when the impulse used to strike

to just go

I always rushed off too quickly

and consequently

there were things I should have but didn't

and shouldn't have but did take with me


so there I would be

in the wrong clothes

in the wrong shoes

going to the wrong place

at the wrong time of year


thats why I always had no other choice

than to go back the start

and see if I could get it right next time

or next time

or next time


but now

I think it might be easier

to make the next time

the last time

by just leaving every fucking thing behind

and never coming

the fuck back!

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Rose Casserley

Sun 12th Nov 2017 11:31

Ta bigtime Mr. you happen to know if specsavers are open today? 😅

Rose 💋

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 9th Nov 2017 18:30

Hi Rose this post's great, great for pedants. May I draw your attention to your 3rd verse line 2 and the the the that appears there. Unless of course it was deliberate.


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Rose Casserley

Sun 1st Oct 2017 19:14

(your 4th line) so true! before I eff off again Mr F
(and David) please accept my thanks.

Rose 💋💋

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Raj Ferds

Sat 30th Sep 2017 07:27

Looks like you were having a Rose moment there.

Think of the 'next time' as the great escape my lovely.
Never looking back, except to show two fingers.
Sometimes leaving everything behind is like reinventing oneself.
So time for you to cross that threshold and seek everything new!

Lots of love.

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