frozen river crossing when pissed

I'm on a dare!

one foot testing cautiously

then the other

I'm standing on the iced crust

there is a dark churning beneath the glassy plating

but hey! who gives a fuck!?

Come back here! a voice rings out from behind.Too late

I'm a couple of metres out now and the dare must continue

despite the creaking,despite the signs of fracture

or my knowing that at any moment

there could be an opening up

tipping me into a black hole of water


come back here! the voice repeats

but the rigidity assures and the cheering boozey crowd on the opposite bank

are egging me on all the more

yeah! I can do this!


though my intoxication has helped me win the bet

tomorrow will find me reeling

from my stupid stupored mockery of death.

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Raj Ferds

Mon 2nd Oct 2017 08:04

Hahaha, you are so entertaining.
That was a superb retort.

Raj xx

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Rose Casserley

Sun 1st Oct 2017 19:07

red? no way pedro! that's for week-end drinkers Raj give me good ol' Jim Beam every time

that'll put hairs on your chest ! (hence my having recently bought a lady shave!) 😀

'and take it from there' take what where?....
oh no you don't!

my mummy told me about men like you!

Rose 💋

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Raj Ferds

Sat 30th Sep 2017 07:18

In that case my dear, let's crack open a bottle of red and take it from there.


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Rose Casserley

Fri 29th Sep 2017 23:12

moi actually crossing a frozen river? never on your nelly!
moi actually being pissed? 24-fucking-7!

cheers guys

Rose 💋💋

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Raj Ferds

Wed 27th Sep 2017 07:15

It's got to be done Rose. He who dares wins!

Raj xx

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