The Mad Aunt Of Doolin

She's crazy, my father said

Always has been.

No, said my grandfather, not crazy, just one of a kind.

My aunt followed in the tradition of a long line of women

Who through the ages have chosen to live alone

Usually with a bunch of animals,

Growing their own food,

Not wanting any man.

In the past she would have been known as the Medicine Woman

Or the Midwife

Or The Fool On The Hill

Or even hung from the gallows

As a witch they had to kill.


She had a passion for me as a child.

When she saw me she'd grab me and swing me round and around

She couldn't pass me by without giving me a hug

Or a little kiss,

Never known love like that before or since.


One day I sat at the kitchen table

The early morning mist was over the land,

I cried and sobbed because I didn't want mist,

I wanted sun.

She said, I can bring you sun,

Can't you understand?

She walked outside in all that mist

Caressed every plant, every vine

And within moments the sun came streaming through

Her dark triumphant eyes met mine . . . .

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John Marks

Sat 25th Nov 2017 21:50

morning mist was over the land

You have caught a whiff of Gaelic syntax (the passive voice in which things just happen, rather than the active voice of English - subjects making things happen) and more than a will-o'er-the-wisp of truth. This is a lovely poem Hannah. You have the talent to suggest much whilst stating little - develop it!

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Wed 18th Oct 2017 04:07

She sounds delightful, Hannah! From the same side of the family as your grandfather, I think. Deeply loving and loved.

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Philip Stevens

Sat 30th Sep 2017 23:04

I agree with your grandfather

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Kim Whysall-Hammond

Fri 29th Sep 2017 18:27

Oh, I so want to meet her....

<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 27th Sep 2017 08:53

if this is the Doolin in Co Clare then it explains everything -
no offence to the Irish - but from my own experiences of mad spinster aunts and bachelor boy uncles further north in Co Mayo then it is very real indeed and well portrayed. Alas however I feel the numbers of these beautifully eccentric people have dwindled over the past years. I've not been back that way for some time but news of them passing away filters back and there are few if any of the old characters now left. Nice work Hannah. Col.

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patrick D Ortiz

Wed 27th Sep 2017 03:10

I love this aunt, and now another piece of the puzzle to someday twirl you round and round and round and round and round....

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