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The Internet Love Story

Once upon a time
there were two people
searching for love...
One day-
their paths crossed 
in most unexpected
and unusual circumstances~

He said...It was a pleasure
hearing from you
someone very kind, caring
and understanding
my heart was longing
for the love I have seen in you~

Now every step I take
it is because of you
I feel happier and content
thinking my sadness was gone
faded slowly because
you have taken my breath away~

Each day became brighter
she was the sunshine for him
life got different meaning
as he could not imagine
being with out her
she took special place
in his heart nowadays~

His thoughts were with her
as he was taking every breath
realizing that she was
the kind of woman
he always wanted~

She thought-he was the one
hard to trust-
oh, how wrong this was
him being very caring and kind
someone very special
difficult to find~

He suggested becoming
more then friends
however she did not believe him
he wrote again-
this time she was impressed
many disappointments
before in her life
it was not easy to trust again~

The Internet can be
wonderful place
but also deceiving as well
her heart, she tried to protect
not to get broken again
because it's not easy to mend
a broken heart
that bleeds to death~

He was a lonely man
and often in his dreams at night
she was appearing to him
like a Phantom-he missed her
in his wish was to share
life happiness with her~

As the world turns to face the day
she replied sending a letter
having a faith that day
her feelings were much better
in her Soul she knew
he was the one she missed
and wished to be with~

Because loneliness in her life
frozen her heart like an iceberg
but the warmth of the spring sun
melted away her fears
having him in her life
was a dream-
she thought to herself perhaps
should give another chance
this will be the love
of their autumn life~




<Deleted User> (4281)

Sat 29th Dec 2007 10:48

Hello Philip

Thank you for your great comment on my poem. This one was actually based on a real Internet romance that ended in a wonderful relationship.
Today fast pace life leads people to seek easier way to meet another. Internet became a decent place for meeting but both genders need to take the option of dating through this media more seriously. All is possible...

I have not been writing Novels yet but you actually prompt the idea that I might start thinking of it.

Thank you again and please do not feel guilty as I am very understanding woman. I love poetry and read many a day.

I see that you are a romantic man and the poems or other romantic story would be something to please you when was well written.


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Philip Golding

Sat 29th Dec 2007 09:12

I am guilty of not reading your wonderful work before now.

This piece blew me away and is so inspirational. Do you write romantic novels? If you dont you should.

I will be reading more

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