An inner sadness in the soul, you called it

Keeping you in the shadows

On the edge of everything

And then we met and you knew you could be loved.


Other hands have held my hand since then

Bu never that way

Never like your loving fingers

That slipped through mine so effortlessly.


Walking in crowds together

Looking at paintings,

At eccentric lovers.

We knew our love ran deeper,

Only shadowed by the something darker

That lay behind your eyes.


We walked back to that quaint little guest house,

The one by the river,

The one with the gold plated door handles

But neglected and scruffy inside,

An elegant chic remaining of an era more glorious than our own.


We heard the couple in the room next door making love,

Screaming, yelling, making such a fuss,

While we sat quietly on our bed,

Silently lost in the present

And in the dark future

Where we would be separated.


I catch a glimpse of you in every man's face,

Every quiet inward looking man,

Not running with the crowd

But more gently looking deep within,

Not afraid of his own shadows

Or his darker pain.

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Unrequited Love ►


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Wed 18th Oct 2017 04:03

Mike Booth said it all, for me.

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mike booth

Sun 15th Oct 2017 08:59

Delicate and touching sense of melancholy but also beauty... like a Leonard Cohen song. Intriguing hint of something darker, but really a soul song. More like this!

Graham Sherwood

Sun 24th Sep 2017 18:23

Hannah this is a very classy piece of work. POTW material if ever there was!

I particularly like the killer line.......

"I catch a glimpse of you in every man's face"

.......on second thoughts make that the whole of the last stanza

Great work Hannah.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 24th Sep 2017 08:46

beautifully written Hannah, you had me thinking back to another time and place and to achieve that connection with your reader is a good thing when writing poetry. Thanks for posting. Colin.

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Sat 23rd Sep 2017 22:33

This is really touching and reminds me of W B Yeats in reaching a deep zone . It is so essentially feminine and says so much that is hard to express, in a clear and lucid form.
Excellent work Hannah. George Orwell wrote a book called Keep the Aspidistra Flying, capturing a similar lament about love - in that case involving lack of money as the source of the problem.


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Andy N

Sat 23rd Sep 2017 21:49

great piece hannah. pacing is spot on with a great ending.

very skillfully wrote.

keep it up

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patrick D Ortiz

Sat 23rd Sep 2017 19:58

Your expression here is perfect written with heart and great depth so many moments unanswered uncertain waiting for life and love to Come and I promise you one day and many days it This writing is exactly why I write you ....Beautiful

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