at the sink


She’s at the sink pointing her finger at me
half turned away from the pile of dirty dishes
white camisole over rainbow striped panties


She’s looking down the barrel of her arm
aware that I’m staring at her bum and thighs
smell of bacon fat congealing under the grill


She’s not smiling with either mouth or eyes
dark roots shadow her bleached blonde hair
static pupils beneath eyebrows and fringe


She’s standing with her belly pushed forward
I’m sat at a kitchen table in a high rise flat
sun breaking through inner city clouds


She’s not going to say anything until I do
the hot tap drips into a red plastic bowl
there’s a bite mark on her right buttock


She’s got that ‘last night’ look on her face
remnants of mascara and red lipstick
yellow egg yolk varnish on her toe nails


She’s tilting her head slightly forward
taking aim and waiting to pull the trigger
this is how each day begins and ends

                                                                                                    words ©Colin Hill 2017

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Colin Hill

Fri 13th Oct 2017 08:26

thank you Suki for your kind words.

if your 'to watch' list is anything like mine then we'll be popping the Pringles and putting our feet up for years to come yet.


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suki spangles

Thu 12th Oct 2017 23:42

Hi Col,

Belated congrats winning POTW. There are so many of your poems that would fit that category for me; I think you know how much I enjoy your verse.

I haven't seen the film that the photo is taken from. Have to put it on my "to watch" list. It's certainly an arresting image!


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Colin Hill

Mon 2nd Oct 2017 08:56

cheers Tommy and Chris for your comments and to all those who have commented and Liked this poem both here and on the POTW page. Best wishes to you - excellent writers all. Colin.

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Chris Armstrong

Sat 30th Sep 2017 12:09

I love the image you have created that moves so far beyond the actual image. It is very powerful -subtle but powerful -and I love "the barrel of her arm" too!

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Tommy Carroll

Fri 29th Sep 2017 22:51

Spot on Col. Tommy

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Colin Hill

Mon 25th Sep 2017 19:51

It is Hannah 😏

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Hannah Collins

Mon 25th Sep 2017 19:33

This deserves to be poem of the week.


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Colin Hill

Mon 25th Sep 2017 08:37

thanks Hannah and Ray. The water won't drain if the sink is blogged with dirty dishes Ray - my attempt at kitchen sink profundity! Col.

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Sun 24th Sep 2017 19:26

Just returned from a short Cotswold trip Col, so missed this. Blimey, life sucks - all the romance sucked out and kitchen sink drama remaining before all your dreams are down the plughole. Exceptionally and wonderfully descriptive - a touch of Bukowski about it.


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Hannah Collins

Sun 24th Sep 2017 10:18

Powerful description. I can see her standing there.

Thanks so much for your comment on my poem 'Shadows'.

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Colin Hill

Fri 22nd Sep 2017 08:46

my teenage son randomly shouts 'achtung minen glocken führer' or something similar. I usually reply 'je ne moi non plus'. Most of the time neither of us knows what the other is saying. I think this is maybe how the Brexit negotiators talk to each other. Besides, he's a numbers guy and I'm a word guy. Does that help Rachel?

cheers JB. Are you talking about yourself? oh bleary eyed bearded wonderment that you are.

Blessings. The weekend is almost upon us. Again. Where did the last five days go? Col.

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Fri 22nd Sep 2017 04:04

Considering the comments, I assume there must be some short succinct French phrase to summarise it all.


or maybe German--in my worst American nightmare.

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John Bastard

Fri 22nd Sep 2017 01:10

we've all known people that personify 'that last night look'

great piece to pick up an old cigarette to

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Fri 22nd Sep 2017 00:11

"She’s looking down the barrel of her arm..."

--an effin' great line, that. I find my jaw tightening at the wrap-up, too--the tension is that palpable.


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