Rats Nest Road

there they live

the subcultured the untamed

feral beings

having never tasted or wanting to

lifes essential fruits

preferring to scatter seeds of promise

on stoney ground

the stonier for them

the better


Players in lost sad game's

games we are increasingly being made to spectate

games's of vandalizing and threatening

of mocking normality

kicking respectability up the arse


laughing  and spitting in the faces

of law and order

biting the hand of helpfullness

gagging the voice of justice

blindfolding freedom


what chance's of their's to achieve anything better

are they forcing to commit slow suicide?

how many times must the gift of life cry for itself

in the shrivelled prisons of their minds?  


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Rose Casserley

Tue 26th Sep 2017 19:57

Leon and Desmond, cheer's guys.

Rose 💋💋

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Mon 25th Sep 2017 23:11

a nice not so nice one Rose.Feral beings is a great description

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