A Bird's Eye View

Looking skywards,


searching for the songbird who serenades me as I rest.

Weary, but full of wonder,

as the gulls circle and soar further into the sun drenched blue sky above me.

Tiny flickers of colour flit past,

darting from one treetop to another,

while plump wood pigeons sway on slender branches,

and ducks dive bomb the trees,

flapping frantically,

untl they crash land on the river beneath me.

How wonderful to gaze downwards,

from the perch of a chimney pot,

on humanity,

scurrying relentlessly back and forth.

How wonderful for me here on my bench to be a witness,

a still figure,

amidst the movement of life.

Bird's eye viewbirdsobservingpassers bywatching life

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