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this is a poem indicating how very very much I am disgusted by those who seek to undermine and mock the ultimate sacrifices made by REAL members of our armed forces (for whatever self degrading reasons these sick individuals have who unbelievably are in their thousands!)


Accompanying this poem are two joined together photos of headstones erected in memory of two young men who took part in the first world war (that had been abandoned for quite some time according to the state they were in.)


I started going to this cemetery to pay my respects to a young friend of ours who had been a youth counsellor at the local homeless centre who had passed away with cancer and was buried in a paupers grave without a headstone surprisingly.


While visiting his grave I noticed these two soldiers headstones that had been badly discoloured by the elements.

So in order to show them both due respect I took it upon myself to clean and maintain them and over a period of time brought them back to quite a clean state as you can see.


I visit these three young lads graves on a daily basis when I respectfully bow and salute each one in turn for what they did for country and community and offer a little prayer of thanks.


At the foot of each of the two headstones (the personal details of which have been blanked out on the print-offs for obvious reasons)you can see an assortment of poppies.Two of which on each grave were actually knitted by my good lady wife who knits them on a regular basis on behalf of a wounded veterans charity and are also featured in an earlier poem of hers on WOL entitled 'Commemoration'


Although they are woollen they have been treated with a waterproofing liquid and mounted on the original crosses that were already there which I have coated with silver paint before the poppies were attached which finishes them off very well.


Having read up on the disgusting practice by those who unashamedly attempt to degrade the names of heros like these young men I came across this piece of advice given by a REAL soldier (American)of how to easily detect the afore mentioned fraudsters-

and I quote-

" one great way-ask them to show pictures especially pictures with their names on on it.I don't care who you are,if you've served in the military you have pictures of yourself somewhere around"

Dan Rosenthal,OIF 1/11 vet.Infantry RSTA.


This is just one example of thousands of ways one can root the cheats out.And also I have read about the anger shown by members of the public (in America)so much that some have formed vigilante groups who go after these idiots.And who(especially those who have not only suffered the traumas of war but also those who have returned home with life changing injuries)can blame them?

it is indeed a scourge that certainly has to be stamped out!







Marching up and down alone in his bedroom

hounded by his own warped fantasy

he bugles through the palmtrumpets of his sad hands

and shouts orders that have no other ears to fall on

but his pathetic own


hob nail booted he drills on the imagined barrack square

of his protectively locked bedroom.

Clad chinhigh in khaki and topped with a pretentious peaked cap

(all bought online)

the peak resting on the bridge of his foolish nose.


Shouldering his wooden gun

he scissors a heel click,spins on one leg

loving what he see's in the dressing mirror.


So why these high jinks?

why the illusions of heroic grandeur?

this empty headed hobnobbing with militaria

why the want to steal valour?

why the fake portrayal of a warrior?

why the mockery of those who have really been in the firing line?

As if he of all people could ever have made the ranks!


I tell you this-

just one foolhardy slip of the tongue

just one schoolboyish Walter Mitty type comment

to those he thinks gullible

that may go astray and be heard by those in the know

and he will lose the battle of the sociopathic bullshitters!




I have also taken it upon myself and with the help of buddies from the 2para regiment and a recently acquired elderly friend who happens to be a member of the veterans association,decided that if I suspect ANYONE of committing this lowly act I would take the greatest of pleasure in exposing their demented activities.

For me doing this will always be open season!


© Stef Wilde 13/09/2017 

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 4th Nov 2017 22:05

We thank you Jemima.
And they never cease to amaze us either.
As Dan Rosenthal suggests (quoted)
"one great way-ask them to show pictures"

The ones that truly astound us are those who when confronted cannot produce a SINGLE photo of themselves supporting claims to have served in the forces for MANY years.

Not ONE single photo? do us a fucking favour! What a load of old BOLLOX!

I shall of course continue maintaining these two headstones of REAL soldiers on a daily basis and make sure they are kept in the best of order

and look forward to attending the various parades on the eleventh of this month in our town.Parades of REAL veterans not REAL BULLSHITTERS!

Take care Jemima.


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Jemima Jones

Wed 25th Oct 2017 17:03

what a very strange practice Patricia and Stefan.How low some people will go never ceases to amaze me.As for your respectful kindness I cannot applaud you enough.Thank you.Jemima.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 20th Sep 2017 17:40

Thanks very much Rose-off tut pub now-later girl-MUCH!

P&S xx

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Rose Casserley

Mon 18th Sep 2017 21:04

crikey Patricia and Stef! I'm blown away! you guys just have to be my heroes!

I really do applaud your kindness and respect for those less fortunate as well as those who as you say have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
Love love love the poem! and nice one re Leon's
little tale (those mf's!)

catch yerz later

Rose 💋💋

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 17th Sep 2017 16:56

have been to do my respectful duty there again this morning and we've been out this afto on the Yamahorse! ;0)

Would loved to have been a fly on the wall when your 'vet' neighbour confronted the SOB!...........nice one!

will be posting 'pointless' again soon hoping there are no disruptions this time
P&S xx

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Sat 16th Sep 2017 13:06

re the headstones-(the photo I have saved to 'docs' so I can rotate it.But hey,what an extremely kind gesture.

I can certainly understand your anger about these freaky types who make false claims about having been in the forces

we had an 's/o/b like that in our neighbourhood who tried to pull that stunt

fortunately but not for him the guy he tried it on was a vet who had just returned from Afghanistan with life changing injuries

to say he wasn't too impressed is a huge understatement.Huge enough for the 'kidologist' to have left the neighbourhood quite soon after.

by the way what happened to your poem titled 'pointless?
I ask because I was going to comment on it.So are you intending to post it again?

in the meantime I'll root through some of your other work and also take a look at your 'good lady wife's poem 'Commemoration'

appreciate your interesting comments and likes on my recent stuff by the way

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