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Life is an endless comment section
Shouts at each other with a swift swipe of the keyboard

An invisible war within this virtual world
Brutal words concealed as nuclear bombs and machine guns

We post up selfies to make us feel better
Just for that someone to tear us down

Give us a “like” to inflate our self-esteem
Give us a “dislike” to deflate our self-esteem

How did it come to this?
Attacking one another viciously through the internet

Blood spilled on Twitter feeds 
In 140 character paragraphs

Tweeting out our personal problems
Our cyberspace diary for everyone to read

Blogs and articles about how to live life
Yet they’re not living life

Online quizzes show us who cares
Because we don’t know ourselves

Zodiac horoscopes tell us who we should be with
Instead of listening to what our heart is telling us

Ending relationships via text communications 
Then reciting an inspirational quote to raise our mood

Serious issues are just memes and badly written jokes
Every status is just another political debate

Let’s save us from this virtual world
Aren’t you tired of living in cyberspace?

Crowded words lacking meaning
Nothing more than barbaric comments

People deforming into self-infatuated megalomaniacs
Social media hiding our imperfection perfectly

Never-ending formulations of new identities
Anything for a share, a DM, a retweet


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