Feeling Salty

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I'm the salt
You're the wound

Can you feel me digging in?
Do you feel how I feel?

Let's be honest for a moment
We have all done it for that special person

"Done it" as in losing it all for that one chance
The chance to walk with them in the sun

Well, my special someone left me 
With a sunburn and a heartache

Left me stranded there on the sun
Waiting for her return

Skin melting off the bone
Yet, I didn't see her in sight

Chilling back on Planet Earth she was
The heat was too much for her to handle

I took the nearest spaceship
And headed her direction

She was the only person in the world
That could control my passion to lose it all

My devilish midnight fix 
To get me through rough nights
Too bad I wasn't that to her

Another spaceman got her attention 
The new captain of her Enterprise

She said call you when things don't work out
Because things never work out with you

Perhaps I put forth too much heart in this
I can't say I'm the victim in this

Constructed this unblemished imitation of her
That she couldn't possibly live up to

She would have decimated me
And I would've let her

How can she bring out the best in me
But I draw out the worst in her

I guess that was our destructive chemistry 
The thing that made us so special

I see the good in her
She sees the bad in me

Our time together was past due
We're better separate than as one

Wishing life could give us a chance
But our luck has run out of fortune

Am I mad about it?
Yeah, something of that nature

Am I sad about it?
Might shed a few tears

Cutting the one you love out of your life is never easy
Life forcibly disconnecting your heart from your mind

But, I'm entirely grateful for her
Because I'm learning to move on

I thought I was nothing without her
Not knowing how to feel

She ran across my mind for so long
I forgot which way went up and down

No more constantly wondering about her and her life
Daydreaming about a future where we're pulled back to each other’s orbit

I learned how to rotate on my own axis
Being worthy of being the center of my universe

I'm finally letting this go
I'm letting her go

I’m thankful for what she brought out of me
I'm moving on

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