Song Of Your Underground

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Song Of Your Underground

This will be the song of your underground
A tune that will reach you six feet below
A tune that will reach you above and beyond
I hope you hear every note I sing

Your energy still gets the best of me
There are portraits of your face
Posted up on the timid walls of my mind
So I don't have to get over you

It's called death because it's the end
And there were moments when I knew it was the end
Yet I'm not sad that it ended
I'm mad that it’s over

No more climbing up your bedroom window after hours
When your parents are asleep and we can't make a sound
Just holding each other throughout the midnight hours
All we needed was us and a blanket

Thunderstorms or tornados couldn't stop us
We took the best shot at life
But the Grim Reaper came knocking
Taking you to the other side

So, I decided to devote my life to telling our story
Because I feel that having survived 
I owe something to the dead
I owe something to you

You showed me how to face tragedy
Stand on my own two feet
How to endure through hard times
So I can comfort others when they need it

So I'm sitting here alone 
Writing this story of your underground
A tune that will reach your heart in Heaven
I hope you feel every note I sing

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