'Small dick syndrome'

So I feel like I've uncovered my own rendition of a super hero power 

When I meet a man I can estimate his dick size within an hour

So this may seem a little seedy, a bit sleezy, but when a man overcompensates with money why does he think it will impress me 


One guy on a night out handed me his credit card and told me to drink as much as I dare at his expense 

I politely declined and his response after a few minutes of resistance was 'I can usually buy my women'. 


And when he says buy he means get them wasted and take advantage but it's okay because he bought all the drinks right?

He earned it.

He deserves it. 

She doesn't mind it.

She probably likes it. 

But how could any woman like being bought? 


The kind of man that is insecure about his dick size is the kind of man who will shove all his purchases in your face trying to gain approval

The kind of man who will look you in the eye and not blink whilst being deceitful

The kind of man that'll disregard your opinions, patronise your beliefs and won't take no for an answer

The kind of man that will ignore her stance of denial as long as he can fuck her


Another time on a first date this guy was boasting about the highest purchase he ever made as if to woo me with his financial history 

These men lack so much more than length in their dicks they have to overcompensate with materials and come across as a dickhead who lacks depth and empathy


A few days later he took a snapchat holding a bunch 20 notes wearing sunglasses in the rain at a train station 

Are you that insecure you have to gloat about being able to afford the train fair home or am i mistaken? 


On the next date with this guy I said hello to male friend in a bar and he came up behind me wrapped his arms around my neck squeezed so tight I could barely breathe and told me to be careful where I'm looking because this guy was good looking and clearly his small dick can't take the jealously so switches straight to controlling 


And by controlling I mean telling me where to look and how to behave because woman are possesionalised whether we like it or not 

And by possesionalised I mean treated nicely in a transactional way to get us to go through with the purchase but once the purchase has gone through the novelty wears off and you get used and abused and told what to do


Well .. That's what those with what I call 'small dick syndrome' would like to happen anyway 


- but instead just tell them to politely fuck off and insist you do not want to be miserable with a man due to what he lacks in his pants because those few inches are an unfillable void that no amount of money or control will ever fill

And the inevitable bruises, solitude, and questionable nights of consent aren't worth trading with his insecurity - no .. it doesn't quite foot the bill.



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Connie Walter

Fri 11th May 2018 08:20

Thank you Big Sal.. haha yes well I think I was a little hazed by my experiences and made a few generalisations ? X

Big Sal

Thu 10th May 2018 21:38

Love the title - it made me laugh. Great piece too as it is so damn true for real. ?

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