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This year Canada was celebrating
One Hundred Fortieth Birthdays
On Canada Day - July 1-2007


My home and beautiful land
Labrador and Newfoundland
Country of many colours
Prince Edward Island
With Anna of Green Gables
The story in books we found

Canada-greatest Love
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
Where fishermen are waiting
For the anger of the Pacific Ocean
To end-however most of time
Peaceful Province found

Bonjour French Quebec
Good Day to neighbour Ontario
For its people A La Grand'
Wonderful Manitoba
Lake of the Hudson Bay
Going west-Miles and Miles
Traveling toward sunset

Upon the whisper of changing winds
We landed in Saskatchewan
Prairies best-Farming
And Wheat growers direct
Drafty winds blowing in your face

NOW-still traveling further
To find my place-Province of Alberta
The home is where I long to be
Edmonton-Capital and the Oilers
Gretzky's Drive of fame
The University where the students
Get their degree

Cannot forget the Rocky Mountains
Banff National Park-Lake Louise
Its beauty that amaze
Calgary Stampede-a city
Of Winter Olympic games
And the Tyrell Museum
World largest Archaeological site
Dinosaurs, Hoodoos, unique land

Finally we landed in British Columbia
Warm and fabulous place
Where the city been wrapped
In Lakes-Ocean and Mountains,
With some hottest spots on Earth
Mudslides and rain-Stanley Park
In addition skiers fun

Northwest Territories, Yukon
Nunavut-still a baby that born a new
Not long ago-where the land is cold!
Polar Bear sleeping in deep snow
Magnificent Northern lights
On the starry sky glow

O' Canada-I am very proud
This native Land and its people
United on Guard we stand
For the world Peace
To proclaim and protect

This the flowers of my emotions
Flare and fire burning in my heart
For you Canada
My Home and Native Land
Proclaiming my love
With an Honour and God's Glory
I salute to your magnificent Flag





<Deleted User> (4281)

Thu 27th Dec 2007 05:47

Dear Clarissa~ Thank you for the special comment about my poem for my country. It is indeed special as it is partially educational about each single Province and also Territory as well. Yes, the Country itself it's beautiful but we have a little COLD here. To much up North!

Have a Happy New Year 2008 !

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clarissa mckone

Thu 27th Dec 2007 03:14

I hear its very pretty there and I have seen pics that prove it. I dated a guy once from alberta, he was very polite. You have a nice poem here Zuzanna

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