sex poem

twisted in infinity

like white heat through a butterfly wing

there will be fire at the end of days

he says

but right now i have grass growing through me

right now i have teeth and tiny specks of crimson

popping under my fine china skin

he says there will be fire at the end of days

milk, honey and the perfume of your neck

🌷 (3)

◄ at the dawning of the day, a dimming of the light

Georgia, 1946 ►


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Stu Buck

Sun 20th Aug 2017 12:47

thanks guys. i'm really glad this little piece has caused such intrigue, that is all i ever hope for when i start typing.

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keith jeffries

Sun 20th Aug 2017 12:16

Stu, the profundity of this poem is intriguing. I keep coming back to it in order to grasp its essence. Fire at the end of days seems to be a recurring theme which needs exploring. I am taken by this in ways hard to explain but it poseess´s a surrealistic quality which takes the reader out of him or herself. Thank you for this. Keith

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 18th Aug 2017 22:58

Hi Stu,

sorry for coming late to this, I have read it over and over.

It's a lovely thing and it would be daft of me to share my take on it, other than it is beautiful, ironic and psychedelic.

I am not suggesting anything irregular whatsoever when I say that a small word coupling reminds me of a particularly masterful Paul Simon lyric.

When I read your work Stu, my mind often implodes in the most satisfying fashion.

Great stuff,


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Stu Buck

Fri 18th Aug 2017 21:29

thanks all. really wonderful feedback

i have studied several religions yes cynthia, and while i am nothing more than a playful, ignorant agnostic, i have lived with buddhists and judeo-christians in communes and been heavily involved in a couple of religious cults in the past. the milk and honey refer to the promised land, sometimes referred to as the 'land of milk and honey'. the butterfly wing was a pleasant coincidence!

so glad you all enjoyed the piece, it was a pleasure to write

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 18th Aug 2017 17:32

Convoluted and intriguing. Convulsions of the mind that can intuit and understand multiple meanings with no 'time-line'.

Are you currently doing some deep reading of ancient and current religions? I think most sincere poets explore religious ideas intensely; it's all so connected. I thought there was a definite 'Islamic' tone to the final line. And 'the butterfly wing' seemed very East Indian.

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David Taylor-Jones

Wed 16th Aug 2017 19:43

Definitely intriguing, fascinating. Good one Stu 😃

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Wed 16th Aug 2017 18:06

Even to have such thoughts puts you in a unique class , and a poem of yours is like discovering a new star with a better telescope Stu.


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Paul Waring

Wed 16th Aug 2017 17:41

Stu, you are undisputed King of Intruiging Lines - not to mention mystery (oh, you didn't!). Great stuff.


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Graham Sherwood

Wed 16th Aug 2017 15:16

I'm sitting here looking at this piece Stu and cannot think how to comment.

This is intriguing..........

right now i have grass growing through me

right now i have teeth and tiny specks of crimson

popping under my fine china skin............

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Karen Ankers

Wed 16th Aug 2017 14:23

Beautiful. A poem that explodes the senses.

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