Environmentally Unfriendly

Percussive plastic cups,

Drummed by rods of rain;

Those vessels of steam blown sups,

Littering our tarmac terrain.

Mementos of Ronald or Nero,

Starbucks and Coffee Express.

Permanent reminders of heroes,

Giving no fucks for nature’s next mess.

Drive through road warriors abound,

In their caffeine stimulated inertia.

Polluting immediate surrounds,

Based on ‘what you can’t see can’t hurt you’.

Fuming particulates corrupt,

Expanding holes in the ozone layer.

Evidenced by damn plastic cups,

Being pissed on by a drummer ‘up there’.

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Robert Mann

Sun 13th Aug 2017 20:57

Colin - when you look too closely it can make you weep. Even rural areas are not immune to the disease of pollution, created by the inconsiderate for expediency and profit. I am by no means a 'tree hugger', but I do fear for my grandchildren's future. Thanks for the generous comments.

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Colin Hill

Sun 13th Aug 2017 08:54

single use, disposable, throwaway - all words that could be applied to humanity if we don't clean up our act. The environment/planet will survive humanity in one shape or form but will we survive the changes we are causing? Your coffee cups are symbolic of our insatiable greed to consume. A sorry state of affairs. Well written as always Rob.


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