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I am not your enemy dear messenger,
but still your intent feels murderous.

And though your reckless, adrenaline
fuelled passes and dopplered cries

have sent these old instincts into full
flight mode, my head disappearing

into my shoulders, my fifty year old
body separated from my bicycle to lie

expediently on this damp grassy bank,
I cannot help but admire your bravery

and the skill with which you missed my
skull by inches. How were you to know,

my crescent beaked nemesis, that I am,
in fact, a fully paid up member of the

RSPB and have no designs on the eggs
you’ve hidden, but am, instead,

merely on my way back from buying
Morecambe Bay shrimps for my

mother-in-law, who, as well as liking
sea food, agrees with me that

curlews are lovely …

(Curlew Calling Anthology/Numenius Press 2017)


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Jane C. Steele

Sun 6th Aug 2017 11:48

We go to Flookburgh/Allithwaite a lot and I get my shrimps from one of the fishermen that sell direct. Love potted shrimps - or just cooked with butter, black pepper and a twist of lemon.

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Jonathan Humble

Sun 6th Aug 2017 09:42

Thank you Jane. She's still keen on them. There's a stall which is run by a lovely couple selling sea food from Morecambe Bay at Kendal Saturday morning market.

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Jane C. Steele

Sun 6th Aug 2017 09:27

Absolutely loved this. Living on the Pennines as I do, these birds are special to me too.
The curlew imagery is great, but the added little extra of Morecombe Bay Shrimps and your mother in law, just lifts it completely. Jx

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Jonathan Humble

Sun 6th Aug 2017 07:09

You are very kind Ferris. I appreciate your comment. Thank you : )

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Sat 5th Aug 2017 23:48

This is a seriously clever piece of writing, much respect to you Mr Humble.

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Jonathan Humble

Sat 5th Aug 2017 23:03

Thank you Karen. In my opinion, it's a worthy and important anthology which deserves to do well because of the reasons stated below.

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karen izod

Sat 5th Aug 2017 07:50

lovely poem, and beautifully produced anthology too.

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Jonathan Humble

Fri 4th Aug 2017 16:43

Cheers Colin.
Curlews are having a tricky time of it at the moment and this poem was one of many in an anthology raising awareness of the problem and a bit of money towards their conservation. Should anyone wish to purchase a copy of "Curlew Calling" have a look at Karen Lloyd's website here:

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Colin Hill

Fri 4th Aug 2017 14:04

this is right up my meadow Jonathan. Love it.

some years back in Northern Ireland near the Giant's Causeway I watched as curlews flew over to roost in fields behind our B&B. It was a sight and sound I will never forget. The B&B was another story.

thanks so much for posting this beauty.


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