for those who are about to rise we salute you!

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No blowhole fountain

as yet.

No rolling hump

followed by a black

hang-glider sized fin

for the moment

Nothing is rising

to corrugate the still waters.




like a sparkler spluttering into life

a sudden crackling voice on the radio breaks the monotonous silence.


There is a gruff reply from our maritime guide as he takes down

nautical directions and turns with a victorious looking smile

to announce the good news!

which raises a cacophony of excited gasps

among we rail gripping passengers.


There is a coming about as they say in nautical terms

and a mingled chorus of hopeful exclamations

a sudden burst from the engine

a gut heaving leg wobbling foam prowed surge

as we head further out

passing bobbing marker buoys

with clouds of raucous inquistive

and no doubt hungry seabirds in pursuit.


It is as if the sought gargantuans are saying

'we are over here! we are over here!come and watch!


In a few more moments we approach the given location.

Diesel throbbings beneath our wellington feet subside

into tick over mode

all eyes repeatedly moving left and right




a huge mountainous eruption of barnacled leviathans

explode through the surface amid rousing cheers from all on board

happy to disregard the torrential spray raining down on us.


Cameras clicking and flashing

sporadically brightening up the most glorious of scenes.

The spectacularism of which will remain to brighten up

the most glorious of my memories.



Patricia Wilde

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 2nd Aug 2017 23:36

ta muchly girls! Lynn you lucky thing! I'm wondering now if you were watching from your barge with Benji stood on the prow like Kate Winslet! haha!

Rose and JJ-all da best m'dears!

P&S xxx

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Jemima Jones

Tue 1st Aug 2017 22:37

Patricia I salute YOU! No pun intended in any way but this poem really is such a breath of fresh air! Thank you. Jemima.

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Lynn Dye

Mon 31st Jul 2017 21:14

Enjoyed this, Patricia. Reminds me of when we went whale watching, so spectacular to say them in play. x

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