Lotto Life



It unites us.

This dream

  to have choices.

Whether to work or laze.

Decide our futures

  instead of waiting for opportunity.


The universal language of need

  • not greed.


We’ve lost control.

Caught up in the flow

   of magazine lifestyle.

The one we desire and reality.


To walk through town

  not asking the price.

Carrying the labels

  which define our success.

Purchases we don’t need.


It’s universal

  the conviction that money

  will right all our wrongs

  and make the world spin

  in our direction.,


When we buy a ticket

  we’ve planted the seed.


The seed of our fantasies.



Frances Macaulay Forde © 2001

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Frances Macaulay Forde

Mon 24th Jul 2017 18:09

Thanks for the likes, Tiffany and Colin.
Appreciate you all taking the time to read and comment.
Colin, Ray and Raj; I know I wouldn't turn down a couple of hundred thou if my numbers came up - never mind, a million!
Here in Oz, we consider our lotto spendings to be donations to charity.
The profits are ploughed back into the community in the form of grants.
I can dream... but know the reality.

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Raj Ferds

Mon 24th Jul 2017 14:53

Believe it or not Frances only this morning I was debating this with a friend so this poem is just the ticket.

I can't resist the lighter side to this and say "There's a lotto lotto people who pin their futures on 6 numbers". The ones that laze and live in a haze.

Nice one.

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Mon 24th Jul 2017 13:49

Not to denigrate the serious message here Frances I am reminded of a line thus: (wife to husband): "If you won the lottery would you still love me? (husband): "Yes, but i'd miss you."

The lottery is a fast track away from so much we live through, to be swapped for another kind of life altogether. A million would be a real challenge!


<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 24th Jul 2017 09:22

it certainly is a dilemma but I sure as hell wouldn't refuse a winning ticket if it was shoved in my hand. Best just get on with life and forget lottos exist. Food for thought Frances.

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