Second best

I'm tired of being second best 

I'm tired of being the one the world rejects

The husband wanted more so he went with the bridesmaid 

& even back in primary I never got picked for the school play


Second best is a journey of progression 

Always so close to the prize but then comes life's hard lessons 

It seems no matter how much you want it and no matter how hard you try 

They'll always be the pretty bitch that comes and takes first prize


Now I'm only 23 so I'm thinking this don't have to last forever 

So I need to do some shit so I can get myself together 

So careful with your choices and make sure that they're clever 

Because I don't want to wake up when I'm 30 and find that nothing's gotten better 


I don't need a boyfriend and I don't want a husband 

What's the point in trying When you know you won't trust them 


Insecurity is a curse we all bare 

But why does it make everything feel so un fuckin fair 

Because I need to make more money and I need to lose weight 

I need some motivation and less of the cake 


There's no time like the present tho that's what they all say 

So it's time to start progressing and move on from the foreplay 


So here's a message for my 30 year old self 

I hope that pure uncensored happiness is the centre of your wealth 


You probably changed your mind more than you care to remember 

You probably still get depressed almost every November 


But I hope you lived your 20's without inhibitions 

I hope you never gave up with all of your ambitions 


I hope that life didn't kill all of your optimisation 

I hope you still find perfection and beauty in all things misshapen 


I hope you got that job and I hope you bought that house 

And I hope you figured out what life is all about


I hope that spiritual growth remained important

And you didn't abandon ethics and convert to the corporate  


Predominantly I hope that implementation 

Remained at the centre of your life instigation

And that failure continued to inspire your ambitions 

Still with determination and compassion with no limitations 


You never were a winner but keep observing the score

You may have lost the battle but you're set to win the war 


◄ Even if we never understand this messed up world that we live in

'Small dick syndrome' ►


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 17th Jul 2017 15:36

I really like the ideas in this Connie. Perhaps a bit of tidying up would make it read more fluently though.

Remember this, you won't know how beautiful you are at 23 until you're 63. Enjoy your life, you only ever get one unless you're a cat!

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