Festival (Amended)

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Once verdant turns away from green,

On highest branch and floor beside.

As lower light repaints the scene,

Rich gold and auburn now reside.


Mellow woods expel their lungs,

And mist upon the meadow swirls.

Calms summer heat as autumn comes,

Hiding webs now strung with crystal pearls.


Jewels hung low from bough and bush,

Fertile fields fecund with riches.

Plucked, picked and bailed in harvest rush,

While sharpened ploughs return to hitches.


Bounty reaped and fodder stored,

So, rejoice, rejoice, yet remember reason.

Earth full paid her year’s reward,

But winter is a crueller season.

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Robert Mann

Thu 20th Jul 2017 17:43

Michaela - thanks for liking. Much appreciated.

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Robert Mann

Tue 18th Jul 2017 00:54

Graham - Thanks very much for the recognition, but TMI on your private preferences! haha

Colin - Fields full of festival goers would certainly detract from the scene I had in mind, but if the combine could just do its worst, everything could be bailed and on the back of a tractor in no time!. Glad you liked the new version (and that you spotted the recent haikus - delivered as promised).

Lynn - I think this version does flow better than the original, but it did give me the base to work with. Glad you like it.


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Lynn Dye

Mon 17th Jul 2017 23:22

Lovely poem, Rob, and some great lines. Good flow too.

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Colin Hill

Mon 17th Jul 2017 21:55

Mmm yes, agree with Graham - but maybe not about the muck rolling. Is that what you were doing down in Devon whilst listening to your Summer of Love 3CD Graham?

v3 much improved btw - 'While sharpened ploughs return to hitches' my favourite line.

However, I can't help but see those pictured green fields muddied and strewn with litter. 'Tis indeed the festival season, but not the one you are referring to.

Keep 'em coming Rob.


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 17th Jul 2017 15:40

This is really very very lovely..........

"Once verdant turns away from green,

As lower light repaints the scene"

If this was muck I'd want to roll in it

Good work Rob.

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