Author unknown


I knew a real poet

a war poet

so fucked by war 

people couldn't bear to read his pain


No-one listened to him

no-one reached out to his stretching arms

like he had done for the weak and defenseless

he saved more lives than those he took


He was poisoned and betrayed

his condition did not exist

he came home broken by those he fought for

he burned his own world down


And the silly little people write their imaginings

whilst ignoring his reality

like he was some kind of leper

but I knew him and saw his obvious pain


He was more than me

more than you

and no-one knows his name

and he was right here on these turned pages


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 18th Jul 2017 08:23

Thanks Lynn and elP,

I agree, sometimes there really isn't much to say about a piece of writing which moves you in a profound way, other than maybe thank you.

Hope your well Lynn, haven't seen you around for a while.


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Mon 17th Jul 2017 23:46

Kevin sums up my sentiments better than I could--sometimes the mind just feels too clumsy to form a proper comment, especially when the subject matter is profound and so close to the author. I've read pieces that brought me to tears--pieces on which I felt deeply compelled to comment--yet couldn't find the words.


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Lynn Dye

Mon 17th Jul 2017 21:49

I haven't been on these pages for about a year, but suspect I know who you mean, David, and if I'm right, I should be very sorry if he did not post again, as I found his poems wonderful.

Great poem, well done.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 17th Jul 2017 21:30

Thanks all,

I really do appreciate your words here and the kindness offered, I will pass these on to the subject although I suspect he will read these comments.

I do hope he posts on here again but I sense that it is difficult for him to keep opening himself up when there seems to be no-one listening from his POV. I know it is not necessarily so that he isn't being read, but on the occasions when dark moods come thought processes are often impaired.

I had posted a comment on here earlier, before anyone else had responded, when I read it back I realized I was being overly judgmental and unfair, I deleted it and apologise now for it.

Love to all,


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Emer Ni Chorra

Mon 17th Jul 2017 21:14

I love to read the darker poems. The real raw emotion expressed into words. They as you say are the most authentic and are often incredibly deep and meaningful. Poems worth reading. I hope that your friend still continues to write, for himself. It takes courage to write with such feeling.
This is a great piece and I am sure your friend will appreciate it. Keep up the great work, always a pleasure to read.👍

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suki spangles

Mon 17th Jul 2017 04:20

Hi David,

I hope your friend reads these comments. Often, it is the darker poems that are most affecting, yet receive fewer comments than the ones you mention. It is just one of those things.

Please don't apologise for the poems you submit, because they are often excellent poems, and I for one, am glad they are on WoL for all of us to read.


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Sun 16th Jul 2017 23:21

Ghost, alter ego call it what you will, he is real and wandering in a half world to haunt the contented - have they earned that contentment? I doubt that many have found that unless under the protection of ignorance.

Nice one mate.

kJ Walker

Sun 16th Jul 2017 22:31

hi David. I'm so sorry that your friend felt that he was being ignored (perhaps he was). sometimes when a piece is so dark yet meaningful, it can be hard to express just how it has moved you. it could well be that people couldn't find the adequate words to add to it, so just left it un-commented-upon.
I for one am guilty of doing just that. sometimes not even hitting the like button, fearing that by doing so I would be liking the situation rather than the poem.
like most people on this site (I'm sure) I have the greatest of respect for people who have given us so much.
I hope he starts posting again soon.


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