Mi Anemone

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A warmth in her blossomed,

He made her smile from her heart. 

She was too scared to tell him,

So she played the friendship part. 


An unknown feeling flourished within, 

Her guard unfolded and withered. 

He stole her affection like a thief at night,

Replaced with emotions she tried to fight.


The attraction stemmed deeper,

She knew he was a keeper.


His seed dispersed, making her even fonder.

Feelings now sprouting stronger. 


All this was kept inside, 

Letting her instincts and love collide. 

Seasons passed & she stayed pure like nectar,

Hoping one day they might find each other

again and he would accept her. 



@Dreamvillian7  ~ 29/06/17

Anemone flower meaning is brimming with the spirit of anticipation, something dear to your heart that you dream of.  The message of the Anemone is to relax and enjoy the sweet nectar of anticipation, knowing that your wish will come to you in the just the right way at just the right time.  Anemone flower corresponds to the root chakra.


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Absolute Zero ❄️ ►


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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 14:11

Thank you ☺️

Big Sal

Wed 8th Aug 2018 15:27

Beautiful words indeed.?

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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Fri 21st Jul 2017 14:04

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback guys!!! ?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 7th Jul 2017 17:58

I like the sense of innocence and hope in this, a kind of Beauty in themselves. The 'flower' theme is gracious - and the whole world could use a lot more Grace.

Grace is a huge idea, isn't it? And Philosophy is a STAR interest, lighting up the heavens of thought.

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Tue 4th Jul 2017 03:50

this is so good ahh! I absolutely love this, you're amazing at writing.

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