for Lozza of the Taylors

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(laughingly inspired by her comment to me on Raj Ferds recent poem-and also-for-Raj) 


jumping jehoshaphat! not her!

my top rated heroine of hump-like references !

my long adored idol of indecent insinuations !


she ain't become possessed by the ghost of Mary Whitehouse has she?

Oh! Godess of all thing's porno,please let it not be so

that her once lurid lion of a mind has been righteously rebooted

and wiped cleaner than clean!


Surely I am not going to see her in my town centre,in forthcoming Christmas's

dressed in Sally Army fashion,not shaking her booty anymore

but only a tambourine in brassbanded company ?


Should it be so,then,both me and my copulating with corruptibility mind

along with my collection of 'swinging' video's

could be heading for Dirty Cows leap

with the dying word's on my-anyone's for the price of a Gregg's pie- lip's


farewell,all those suspiciously stuck together page's in Lad's Mag's

farewell,all those who let it all hang out,without warning.

Remember me you raver's,each time you run

through packed and kneeling church congregations

bollock naked. 


Oh Satan ! please have a room in your subterranean knocking shop

prepared for me!

For,I come to you,full gimp suited,leg's akimbo,or,

arse first if that is your preference O horny-horn-ed one.


Goodbye bonking banished,Taylor sterilized world !

goodbye my once,now ex-write-out-loud poetical queen of most thing's profane.


But for fuck's sake,don't mention my shag-happy name

in your whiter than white prayer's!



Loz,just to letteth thee know,that should this looney appraisal

causeth thee offence enough to roll thine eye's to the heaven's

that my beatiful butt takes a size nine in 'obnail boots!  

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Rose Casserley

Fri 30th Jun 2017 18:33

so! two more fancies tickled!

high 5's.

Rose ??

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 29th Jun 2017 00:14

a real side splitter Rose.


P&S xx

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Rose Casserley

Sun 25th Jun 2017 22:03

Loz aka my 'ero,chuffed I could tickle yer fancy!

Raj,enjoy the trip matey,but don't forget the customary postcard and gift wrapped stick of Blackpool rock...

well,you did say more peacefulicious climes,which it is there,once you have fought the lager louts off...?

Rabid Rose ??

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Raj Ferds

Sun 25th Jun 2017 13:25

While Saints and Satans lock horns in moral battle I'm off to more peacefulicious climes.

In the meantime Rose you're up for a career swerve -- I suggest you take up that that offer as Mother Superior of St. Mary's Convent.

Lu ya all.


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Laura Taylor

Sun 25th Jun 2017 12:19


Ya big eejit! Hehe - thank you Smuttylicious - gave me a laugh on a grey Sunday morning ?

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Rose Casserley

Sun 25th Jun 2017 11:55

let those who do the 'banishing' Raj, cast the first stone!

As long as we are left to our own free device's.

Jems,your are a gem!

luvyaz darling's.

Rose ??

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Jemima Jones

Sun 25th Jun 2017 11:47

I had to root out the cause of this hilarious piece Rose.Having done so I could not stop laughing! Brilliant!.Given my day a great kick-start.Thank you.Jemima.

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Raj Ferds

Sun 25th Jun 2017 11:44

I laughed and drooled at the same time Rose.
That is Taylor-made satire.

But sadly we live under the threat of
blasphemy, vulgarity
Smut and filth being banished from this august tribe of scribes.


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Rose Casserley

Sun 25th Jun 2017 11:36

because she's worth it Patricia !

ta load's chuck.

Rose ?

patricia Hughes

Sun 25th Jun 2017 11:28

That made me smile out loud?

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