For Ali :)

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Sometimes, we get lonely
On this place that we call Earth
Sometimes, we feel too small
To hold all the feelings we have inside.

We don't want to sit and talk about it
We rather shed a tear or two about it
Play our favorite sad songs
To get us through the cold night.

Just remember that you’re intelligent and kind,
Like an elegant American rose 
A true woman of music 
You can get through anything of that I am sure.

When stones or sticks are thrown into your path,
Turn it into a beautiful bridge
Success is the fear of failure
Like how darkness fears the light.

Don’t worry you're pretty little head
Because you will get a wrinkle
If you spend more time smiling, 
You will end up with dimples.

You are needed and you are loved 
Without you, people will feel lost and blue
You belong in the room too
The radiance falls on all of us

They say that every cloud has a silver lining 
Just look at the bright sides of any problem 
And wait for everything to work out
The sun always comes out after a bad storm.

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