Body Language

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We don’t need words when we have body language
The way you tangle your hair around your sly finger
Looking at me with that puppy dog face
Oh, you know what you’re doing to me

You’re good in a bad way
I’m digging your groovy beats
Cosmic rhythms babe
But I’m not here swept off my feet honey

Those curves speak right to me
Low cut shirts always get the best of me
I know I’m better than this
Yet, I have the hardest time resisting you

You’re my perfect foil
The girl that makes me forget my own name
The girl so infamous
For always leaving my bedroom a mess

I’m conflicted between my morals and desires
Right and wrong is just a blur
I don't care if you're contagious
Your disease is quite healthy for me

One drink, two drinks
And your lipstick on my skin
As we tear our clothes apart
Piece by piece

An overnight sensation
The back of your best friend’s car
Seats laid back, locked doors, fogging windows
Are you having a good time, sweetheart?

Our chemistry is so dangerous
It's getting harder to breathe
Bodies losing all sense of function
We’re about to burst

Let’s treat this like a secret
Just keep it on the down low
So no one can ever know
About the dirty love that we make

As we kiss to the sound of my stereo
As we keep breathing out of time
I promise I won’t forget your smile
If you won’t forget my face


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