New Friends Are Golden

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Living on my own
A million miles from home
Caught in a web of loneliness
Wondering where my hope went to

Stranded in a dark place
Not a flicker of light in sight
Like a child that has gone astray
Trying to find his way back home

But, then you reached your hand out towards me
Threw lights on my lanes like fireflies
You barely knew who I was
Hardly even knew my name

My life was at a low point
Things didn't seem to bright
But you were a breath of fresh air
And inspired me to come back home

Listening with your compassionate heart
Cheering me when I'm feeling blue
Making good times better
Making difficult times easier

Gentle words 
Sincere concern
Caring gesture
Are so comforting 

You're the sort of person
That raises the energy of a room 
Like the bright morning sun
With you kind presence and east smile

Thank you for what you did
I'm glad someone like you came along
Your unselfishness is always on display
You're thoughtful beyond belief

Here's a toast from more memories
Late night conversations and Mario Kart parties
Because new friends are golden
You are golden


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