Loose Ends

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You said I'm the type of boy that you need
But not the one you want right now
So I’m standing in the waiting line
Hoping that I can make it to the top of your list

You're the bad news on the front page cover
The snake hiding in the sneaky grass
This life of living at the bottom of a broken wish
Is not an ideal life for me

The only thing that stands between you and I
Is this unbearable awkward silence
Maybe it’s because you’re a ghost
When you’re around me

I’m tired of cutting your loose ends
My back is tired of bending for you
You left a sour taste of loneliness stuck on my tongue
Nothing can ever wash it out

Oh, I’m sorry my sweet yellow sunshine
But I’m not into summer romances
This burning Texas heat and your poor quality of refreshments
Are not worth the heat exhaustion

Despite the negative energies
That seem to attract me and you
I still see a positive outcome
But not every story has a happy conclusion

Sometimes letting go is
Easier than holding on
Just another classic case of unrequited feelings
And a bad sappy poem about it


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