demon killing instruction's

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height and weight? unknown.

Determination to stay? one hundred per cent.



strong sense of duty to the cruel ruination of the victim.

Very protective of its self.

Never willing to share emotional trait's during its occupation.

Has sweating,shaking tantrum's when not submitted to.

Has never been known to offer or condone total release.


One will require the following if its defeat is to be achieved;

properly trained,sincere,understanding helper's.

Bag's and bag's of tenacity.

Vision's of a better life.

Ticket's for a long journey to cold turkey land and back.

Patience beyond belief.

Abstinance from the use of needle's other than to mend the broken seam's of one's pride.

Abstinance from the use of spoon's other than to better feed one's physical effort's.


How to;

Never surrender.

Once killed,evict the memory of said demon and celebrate its departure.

Do not allow the demon to recover from one's attempt's to eradicate it.

Do not cross sword's with the demon on one's own.



One should not worry;if one follow's these none-too-easy instruction's,and,

have all the neccessary weapon's to hand,one will defeat even the largest of demon's.

And once relieved of its grip,sit quietly contented,while metaphorically

patting one's own back,

while waiting for soon too be delivered medal's and big,big smile's all round!


Additional footnote;

the above advisory list has muti-faceted use's for one's protection,

against demon's of multi-faceted addiction's.



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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 15th Jun 2017 09:51

oop's! we just put a comment to this on your previous poem-sorry Rose!

so to repeat
we were saying that unfortunately and sadly we have had to endure the death's of so many close friend's who fell victim to the temptation's of this kind of demon back in the sixtie's when this habit was looked upon as being cool.

poignant piece young lady.

P&S xx

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Rose Casserley

Wed 14th Jun 2017 08:00

much obliged Martin

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Martin Elder

Tue 13th Jun 2017 23:44

Good to see you posting again Rose. This is a brilliant style you have adopted for this poem with great delivery

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Rose Casserley

Tue 13th Jun 2017 23:14

thank you Raj and Michaela.

Rose ??

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