oration for those at the arse end of life

for those who good fortune stayed hidden from

for those who V fingered the the silver spoon mouthed but eight fingered and two thumbed old time tunes on pub pianos

for those who cursed their fathers who in turn cursed their fathers for exchanging food money for alcohol

for those who never heard santa coming down their chimneys

for those who argued with neighbours wanting a return on their loaned cups of sugar

for those who scraped a living and scraped food remnants off pots and pans

for those who tried so hard to make somethings out of nothings and usually failed

for those who shared their first TV with the whole street

for those who took it in turn to wear the familys only coat

for those who thought bread and dripping was a luxury

for those who never filled their baths with coal because they had no bath and no coal

for those who were never out of the pawnbrokers with wedding rings

for those who were good at hiding when the bailiffs called

for those who were loved by loansharks

for those who could make a dozen cups of tea with one teabag

for those who never went cap in hand to anyone at anytime

yeah! for those

last seen as per within sight of FUCKALL! 

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 7th Jun 2017 15:57

wethankyor for the adopting Rose and oui oui we will include said suggestion.

did you put your clean vest on today lady?

P&S xx

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Rose Casserley

Wed 7th Jun 2017 10:05

great poem P&S aka G&G (adoptee's) my pater would have loved this.

My Pater,one of "those who never went cap in hand to anyone,at anytime" (for your inclusion chumsters?)

ta loads once more for propping me up.

Rose ??

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