Pieces of you / the nowhere poems


Empty out

 my pockets,

love's over

 time to

 go home.


retreat to the

 silence of the

empty night

that is no longer

 filled with you.


pull out a

sling shot

from by back

pocket and shoot

out the light

of the moon,


that every night

I would  see


in your eyes.


don't know

how I will ever

 get over that.


gypsy dancer,

highway stagecoach



right before

my eyes

 my life pages



 and I can't stop

them revealing

in their fire's light,

the plain simple

truth, over

 and over



you don't

love me



and the

lonely consequence

 of that is

I am going

 to miss you,

with this

hole in 

my heart


for the rest

of my life.



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