Freedom you say well

what does that imply, to

stand up for your rights

as others take the hit

as wheels of commerce

trundle to a juddering halt

there must be fault you say

the bosses they must pay, no

longer pennies for the breadline

poor who cannot feed their brood

bring out the placards go on strike

shop stewards grab your tinny mikes

or is it immigrants who know best

the thirst that freedom brings to

bomb ripped homes on alien shores

and wrought the slaughter seen on

tv screens which witness cowering

children’s eyes devoid of decent hope

how do those kids cope day in day out

as shells fall from the sky and on

their stretchers casualties lie in pain

with shattered limbs and quiver at the

lip, while other half-clad kids in Africa cart

battered pails for water at a dripping tap

steeped in stealth, money markets monitor

the rising trends of wealth and gauge their

hedge fund deals to suit the cannier eyes

which comes as no surprise to fraud squad

types who know their impotence at guile and

galvanise the widened smiles of greedy men

pens are mightier than swords I heard it said

by well-fed lawyer guys who quaff their port

and hide behind their legal masks when crooks

claim innocence, investing funds in offshore isles

with smiles all round, when juries fail to grasp

the nub of jargon and the prate of legal phrase

freedom is the topic we attempt to understand

a pastor in South Africa once wisely warned, there

must be no excess of freedom, citing a lorry laden

with a load of steel hurtling towards a busy mall and

when the brakes gave out, could not be stopped

and so he drove at hectic speed his weighty bomb



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