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In my strong desire
I wanted to lift my spirits
up high to the sky-
to spread my wings and fly
in my dreams
of unknown Lands~

This was in Persia-
I remember
many years ago
there was a man
who wanted a power?
but the true King just was born
still a baby-to small
to be on the Throne~

The father feared for his Son's
sent him on the Magic Carpet
to a foreign land
to protect his only son's life
him to stay
with the father's friends~

The child had grown
wanted to see his father's land
in fulfilling strong desires
to spread his wings and fly
as he was looking around
he came across the Magic Carpet
once saved his life~

The story continuous
of this child-
but an adult now
a handsome man he become
a beautiful Princess
he met that time
fell in love with her~

He took her for a flight
up above the sky
as they flew together
on the wings of love
was so much fun to see
the blue seas
and the Mountains high
the beauty of Nature
magnificent land~

United in love with
spread wings they flew
over those lands-
where there is no sorrow
only joy and happiness,
all people shared
such love we need today~




<Deleted User> (4281)

Sat 22nd Dec 2007 17:52

Clarissa~ Thank you for your time to read andthe lovely comment! Actually this story are often being told to the children I can recall once when my sons were still in Elementary school there were reading something similar to mine. But this one was from my childhood memory. Thank you for leaving your kind comment! I am glad you also relate to this one as well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008


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clarissa mckone

Sat 22nd Dec 2007 02:45

Zuzanna, this is so nice. In some ways it reminded me of storys told to me by gradparents and the great ones when I was so young.I would love a magic carpet ride to a wonderful place.ah in dreams! great poem!

<Deleted User> (4281)

Fri 21st Dec 2007 16:21

That will be the truth in this story. I wrote this from a tale of my grandma. My Grandmother was a great story teller...We did not have that many books then when I was a kid. So the story was pass from one generation to another. I will have to write another poem about her story as it is very unique and interesting as well. I like your comment. You have extracted a MORAL from this story and that is great! If there is a true love the marriage will last! ..Thank you..Zuzanna

Kevin Connolly

Fri 21st Dec 2007 13:39

And the moral of this poem is: however small a man may be physically, he can still be a King when he finds a woman to be his Queen. A man with a woman has no faults - well, until she starts finding a few new ones, lol.
Thanks for this magic journey into your imagination, Zuzanna.

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