Super Mum: Another Working Class Hero

She’s got two part time jobs

and works her fingers to the bone

a single mum with no support from him

but she made that house a home.

Empty promises of child support

to help to feed her pack

every bloke she’s ever known’s

always fucked off and turned their back.

She doesn’t feel resentment

she never has the time

if she gets an hour to herself each day

she swears that she’ll be fine.

Her life’s always a struggle

and money’s always tight

she often uses door step lenders

for a loan to see her right

exploiters of the working class

corrupters of the poor

however ruined she may be

they’ll keep on offering more.

She's a regular at the cash converter

where she pawns the kids’ playstation

a monthly embarrasment faced

within this sorry situation

her gas and electric run on meters

and both have large arrears

she’ll have it all paid back eventually

but it’s gonna take her years

now she’s back in the emergency

and there’s nothing in the tank

there's no money left for shopping 

so she's forced to use the food bank

life wouldn’t be this way

if the class divide was thinner

struggling to be both parents

and the sole bread winner

she’s living hand to mouth

firmly fixed in poverty

modern day Britain imitating

a Dickensian tragedy.

This aint a tale of two cities

but a story told in every town

though it broke her heart she felt relief

when her eldest got sent down

it’s not because she’s heartless

or because she doesn’t care

but now there’s one less hungry mouth to feed

for the time he spends in there.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 30th Mar 2017 18:03

An observation on the unfairness of llfe captured in terse
enjoyable rhyme. The content is contemporary yet brings to mind the destitution of the poor of previous generations.
The harsh reality is that poverty in various degrees has
always been a fact of life - even the Bible has Christ
talking about the poor always being with us. Family was
the major contributor to relieving poverty's effects but
one wonders just how much that has been shifted on to
the shoulders of the state and other people's tax obligations nowadays, while the fate of those closest
seems take second place to sending support to the
inhabitants/strangers of distant lands. Strange indeed!

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Emer Ni Chorra

Wed 29th Mar 2017 15:21

Great poem, I enjoyed reading this. I know 1 or 2 super mum's😃

Scupas 23

Wed 29th Mar 2017 12:08

Hey I really loved your poem. I am new to this website but the content here seems really nice. I also am working on a website of sorts to make an online community for poets please do swing by and post your reviews. Mind the website is still under construction and I am working on it as you are reading this.

Thank you.

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