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Sweet music play for me
my love
your melody always
energize my heart
when you pull the strings
of the Harp~

Sing for me my love
sweetest lullabies
a song from your heart
about the love for God
and the Love for children
sweetest of songs~

Like a Vivaldi's Masterpiece
the 'Four Seasons'
wonderful music
about beauty of Nature
whistling tunes of wind
in swaying trees
birds chirping...Sunshine
or a sound of rain
on the windows pane~

The sweetest music played
best song ever heard
Emotions and feelings
Love...broken heart-
tears running down lonely face
pain for the loss of someone dear
sweet music I hear
When you play - best melody ever
A Poet song - Filled with love~



<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 19th Dec 2007 23:21

Kevin - thank you for the great comment!
Yes, we all have to play our own tune if comes to life. The melody not always is well synchronized with our wants or wishes ...ETC...But life goes on...So "Play for me the sweet melody" it is actually great phrase for this entire write!!
I believe that life is priceless gift - love is the most important of all feelings in human life.

Thanks a lot for your time to read this...Zuzanna

Kevin Connolly

Wed 19th Dec 2007 20:23

The music of life is the sweetest tune ever played. The music of love, love for one another and love of God.
Excellent poem, Zuzanna.

<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 19th Dec 2007 17:12

Thank you Clarissa for taking your time to read my poem. This poem was actually written as a competition to a Challenge in poetry, the phrase was 'Sweet Music Play For Me"- It became one of my favorite pieces...Thank you...Zuzanna

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clarissa mckone

Wed 19th Dec 2007 16:45

This is a very nice poem! I love the song Vivaldi created, its one of the best ever.great job on the poem!

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