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Google drones

buzz worker zones,

impassively monitoring

sedated clones.


Volvo's, Volkswagen,

Amazon members,

traverse the landscape

all movement remembered.


Almost nothing unpredicted

malleable assets, mass afflicted.


Whilst nature skirts such wily ways

relentlessly delivering days, 

to those whose usernames unknown

are cast, then to the four winds blown.


the last word

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 30th Jan 2017 07:27

Thanks Ray and Martin,

pleased you enjoyed it.


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Martin Elder

Sun 29th Jan 2017 18:22

I love the idea of these things being blown to bits. the trouble is I think I have been watching to much sci- fi and expect them to be portents of death rather than delivering innocuous parcels
Nice one David

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Sun 29th Jan 2017 14:14

Excellent fare David. Overtones of Orwell I feel and their unquestioning probing (for our own benefit of course) exemplifies your line Impassively monitoring sedated clones a great visual feast.

I wonder how they might react to laser beams?


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